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GrowHow provides you with the verified guides and information you need to become a better, and more profitable, farmer. GrowHow is developed and managed by the East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer (EWS-KT) foundation.
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Crop Guides
GrowHow provides the most updated and verified farming techniques from highly skilled experts and researchers from around the world. These guides will help your crops achieve its full potential and provide a larger harvest.
Technical Guides
Seedling Production
Learn how to start the perfect crop by producing resistant and healthy seedlings
Learn the most effective ways for your crops to be protected from invasive plants and retain good amount of moisture to survive a drought.
Management Guide
Insect Pests, Diseases and Disorders Management Guides
Identify, learn and eradicate common infestation and diseases that are harming your crops. Growhow will help you know basic and more technical techniques on how, when, safely and fully optimise the use of different pesticides on your crops.
Why Growhow?
GrowHow is a free web-based application by East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer. It gives farmers the freedom to access good farming practices at their fingertips to help them improve their yields. If your organization would like to partner with us, please talk to us here
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Verified Info
All guides are verified by Wageningen University & Research and our expert local teams.
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All our guides, videos and resources are free to access and require no subscription costs
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We have hundred of locally-adapted guides in X languages, covering Y Countries
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GrowHow is mobile-friendly and built for minimal data consumption by users.
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East West Seed Knowledge Transfer welcomes partners with open arms! With your participation, together, we definitely can create an impact on ecological sustainability and improve the livelihood for thousands of smallholder farmers across Africa, India, and South East Asia.